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First Among Sequels, the 5th Thursday Next caper, starts with a discussion of the National Stupidity Surplus, brought about by the government “discharging their duties with a reckless degree of responsibility that bordered on inspired sagacity.”

And in the Nextian universe, “Only a blunder of staggering proportions would remove the surplus, and the nature of this mind-numbing act of idiocy was a matter of considerable media speculation.”

Sound familiar? Hmmm...


Our challenge to you, gentle readers, is to make up an IMAGINARY national policy in which there is a major imbalance - define your terms (Point) and then suggest a policy or off-setting action to balance the scales (Counterpoint).

1. Point: Describe a policy where wisdom is at the fore - or one in which unbelievably dumb ideas are in play.
Counterpoint: Then pose an off-setting transaction (in the karmic sense) to balance it all out. The more absurd, the better. This transaction does not need to even be in the same territory or context - just something really really smart or really really dumb.

Please understand we know that truth is often stranger than fiction - so the challenge here is to make up something sillier than reality. Got it?

Entries should be two paragraphs (or 2 lines if you are so inclined), the entire entry no longer than a single page. We will review the entries and ask Jasper to select the winners.

Example: Let's see, what comes to mind?
Point: Ban regular immigration from the Jurassic Period but allow allosaurs with temporary skulking permits to join the work force.
Counterpoint:  Cowboys Steamfitters who talk to God are prohibited from seeking public office.

The Prize?
A signed first edition of First Among Sequels, along with a button and bumper sticker!

The Rules: Enter as many times as you like, creating as many alternate realities as you like. All entries must include your name, your phone number, your email  address (if available), and the title of the entry.

The Deadline: All entries due by midnight on Saturday, July 21 - now extended to noon Sunday. Earlier is better. Entries may be emailed to Partners & Crime ( or delivered to the store at 44 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011.

The Winners: Winning entries will be announced and read at the July 23rd Signing event for Jasper Fforde's First Among
on Monday, July 23, at 7:00 pm. Winners not present at the ceremony will be contacted, but we hope you will join us.

Background: In preparation for this contest, we conducted an informal vox pop poll, using the question, “What is the most idiotic set of actions that could be undertaken by the U.S. government?”

The most succinct answer (among similar responses): “Read the headlines.” (Now, this may be a regional aberration ... New Yorkers being famously critical of just about everything, and Greenwich Village being traditionally anti-establishment to boot.)

So stay away from reality - it's not funny. But do read First Among Sequels - it's hysterical!

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Signed 1st edition with card: $50.00

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